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November – February 2023. Online

The disrupting MaaS MOOC (A Massive Open Online Course ) is designed to enhance the skills of professionals working in the MaaS ecosystem, in order to facilitate a comprehensive and successful implementation of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in cities across Europe and around the World. 

The course will cover the key aspects of MaaS from theory to practice. It will feature speakers from the MaaS industry, academic speakers and it will also feature real case studies. 

The course will be available for free online for anyone to enrol, and the students will have the option to receive a certificate for a small fee.

Hours of learning activities

Course modules

Start date: October 2022


The course uses a theoretical-practical approach, first establishing the theoretical foundations and explaining them with real applications and case studies. The course aims to be comprehensive in its content, just like MaaS, touching on points ranging from technical aspects, quality of service, data management, MaaS policy and business models, among others. The course will be aligned with the latest trends, solutions and theoretical approaches, and its topics will respond to current MaaS challenges.
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Course objectives

  • Provide up-to-date knowledge to public and private stakeholders in the MaaS ecosystem.
  • Develop practical training in line with the latest MaaS trends, services, technology, frameworks, business models and governance.
  • Serve as a tool for a comprehensive implementation of MaaS: with greater benefits for society, its economy and end users.
  • Introduce MaaS as a key solution for European cities to achieve more sustainable, equitable, clean and smart mobility.


  • Mobility & (Smart) City planners, who lead, manage, advise or support the integration of MaaS schemes in the current mobility ecosystem.
  • Mobility & (Smart) City consultants/advisors, who advise cities on MaaS implementation.
  • Professionals from public and private organisations involved in the regulation, communication, strategic alliance and other key actions needed to make room for MaaS in cities.
  • Mobility providers and transport operators, who need to adapt their operations to the new MaaS mobility scheme and technology.
  • Students & professionals interested in getting deeper knowledge about MaaS.


Course certificate

Once you have completed the course, you have the option to purchase a certificate of your participation signed by the organisers of the course, recognised in the mobility sector. Together with the course you acquire off-line access to all course materials, including quizzes. Once you have completed the course, your e-Certificate can be printed or added to your LinkedIn profile.

If you just want to view the course content, you can audit the course for free.
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